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Halifax Tours

Top 10 Things To Do In Halifax

  1. Citadel National Historic Site

    Experience an exciting part of Canada's history by visiting this 18th-century fort with a sweeping view of downtown Halifax.

  2. Halifax Public Gardens

    This beautiful Victorian-inspired garden has been open to the public since 1875 and remains as one of Halifax's most beautiful and cherished sites.

  3. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

    Immerse yourself in the rich marine history depicted by this museum's vast collection from binnacles and buoys to anchors and armaments.

  4. Pier 21

    Plan a visit to this national testament to the Canadian immigration experience, which pays tribute to the citizens of Canada who have enriched this culturally diverse country.

  5. Point Pleasant Park

    Have a picnic with sweeping ocean views or hike through 186 acres of forest in one of Halifax's most cherished parks.

  6. Alexander Keith's Brewery

    At the tender age of 22, Alexander Keith set forth to make his name in this world. Leaving his home in Scotland, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and landed, alone, on the shores of Halifax. By 1820, he was 25 years of age and running his own brewery. As word of his India Pale Ale spread across the land, so to did the legend of this great brew master.

  7. Heart-shaped Pond

    In the 1790s, Queen Victoria’s father, who was then Prince Edward built a love nest for his mistress, Julie St. Laurent, in what is now Hemlock Ravine, a municipal park on the shores of Bedford Basin.

  8. Fairview Lawn Cemetery

    150 Titanic victims were buried in ceremonies from May 3, to June 12, 1912. Nineteen are in the Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery, ten are in the Baron de Hirsch Jewish Cemetery, and 121 are in the Fairview Lawn Cemetery. Of these, 44 remain unidentified.

  9. Halifax hemlock ravine park

    While Edward, Duke of Kent, future father of Queen Victoria, was serving as Commander-in-Chief of the army and navy forces in British North America (later Canada) he built a love nest for his mistress, Julie St. Laurent, in what is now Hemlock Ravine,a municipal park, on the shores of Bedford Basin behind Halifax, the capitol of Nova Scotia. They lived there for 10 years until 1802, when he returned to England.

  10. Halifax Seaport Farmer Market

    Daily Vendors: The Fabulous Food Boulevard Stands [Come For Lunch!], Fox Hill Cheese House, Gourmandises Avenue, Julien’s Bakery, Noggins Farm, Norbert’s Cafe, Riverview Herbs, Seablooms, Sea Foam Lavender, Steve-O-Reno’s Cappucino, That Dutchman’s Cheese and The Fish Shop